23 Research Things Cambridge


Students nowadays have a variety of tools available at their disposal that can make their life much easier. However, they are often not aware of such tools or of the extent to which they can help.

23 Research Things Cambridge is a training programme for people working at undergraduate, postgraduate, postdoctoral, or researcher/academic level. It introduces 23 research tools or concepts to help inform your studies, research, or knowledge of the research process.

All topics are presented as an overview with some specific examples to give context so you can apply them to your own individual situation. Most topics are discipline-free but a few have a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) slant as the programme is run by the Betty and Gordon Moore Library team who specialise in these subject areas.

Some examples of research things are: Pulling in information, Academia.edu and ResearchGate and Presenting and sharing. For more information please visit 23 Research Things Cambridge

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