Nan Wang

wang-nanDr. Nan Wang obtained her PhD in China and followed it up with a  postdoctoral appointment in the Chemistry Department of the University of Oxford. Subsequently, she was a research associate at the Nanoscience Centre, Engineering Department of University of Cambridge. She has two years of industrial experience and five years teaching practice in China. She has over 10 years of research experience in nanotechnology and biosensors.

Nan has co-authored a chapter in the book, Advances in Nano Engineering. She worked under Professor Alan Hill FRS on an EU project SAMMBA concerning the use of metal proteins for a bio-device application and reported the findings to the funding body. Nan was also a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Mark Welland FRS, University of Cambridge. She was the principal researcher on two major industrial projects, one on ferroelectric materials and Nano-Surface Accoustic Wave filters and the other on the long distance electron transfer of conducting polymers.