Marcus Tillotson

MarcusDr. Marcus Tillotson completed an EngD at University College London, performing investigations into titanium implant integration. The project was carried out in collaboration with industrial partners, Straumann, Switzerland. It utilised experimental techniques involving cell assays and microscope imaging, in addition to simulations using Density Functional Theory (DFT) and molecular dynamics. The research gained knowledge of surface chemistry and interactions between molecular species for novel implant designs.

Subsequently, Marcus carried out a post-doctoral research project in association with Unilever on formulation stability at the University of Cambridge. This involved a multi-scale modelling approach for the investigation of phase separation in fabric conditioners. The research combined Dissipative Particle Dynamics and DFT to understand the effect of hydrolysis reactions and improve formulation design.

His current role is with the International Centre of Advanced Materials (BP-ICAM). It involves the integration of collaborative studies with the University of Manchester, Imperial College London and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to build up a model of asphaltene aggregation and deposition on oil-exposed surfaces. A better understanding of the deposition mechanism of these heavy organic components of crude oil is important in the design of effective strategies to prevent fouling of industrially relevant surfaces.