Scanning Probe Microscopes

Park XE100 AFM with motorised stage & liquid cell.  Used for various industrial projects so far.  Operates in non-contact mode in air.
NT-MDT Solver Pro-M AFM with PX Ultra controller and Hybrid mode.  This is the workhorse of the group, and can operate in almost all modes apart from in liquid or vacuum.  Used for Nanomechanical and electrical property mapping of materials and devices as well as basic imaging.







Omicron UHV AFM/STM, with Nanonis controller.  All atomic-scale work on HOPG, Graphene and molecules on surfaces work has been carried out using this system.
CambridgeNano CN6000 AFM.  This is an excellent all-round open-loop sample-scanning AFM for good basic imaging of samples with high resolution.  We use it to look at molecular layers and graphene devices.




Nanosurf NAIO AFM.  Used for teaching & outreach purposes.